Historic Burial Grounds in Egremont

So much of Egremont’s history can be found in the many public and private cemeteries that make up our vernacular landscape. They honor our veterans, tell our social history and reinforce our sense of community. As a research tool, they provide a wealth of genealogical information. If you are researching an ancestor or individual who may have lived and died in Egremont, Historic Burial Grounds of Egremont, compiled and edited by Mary L. Fratalone and Diane Fratalone, and reprinted here by permission, is a great place to start.

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The Cemeteries of Egremont

The Millard Cemetery

An interesting row of memorial slabs, whose inscriptions can be read from the roadside, mark the graves of ten members of the Millard family, including their wives. The oldest is John, deceased April 2, 1803, aged 94 years. These Millards were a long-lived race; the united ages of the five men were 443 years.

The Race Cemetery

In an overgrown wooded area off Blunt Road lies another old cemetery where the Race family is buried. It is about 15 paces square, on the farm where Rutsen Blunt used to reside. An old highway once ran from Mr. Blunt’s barn to where the old Ira Newman farmhouse was burned years ago.

  • Race: Isaac died May 4, 1822; age 79; was a Town Selectman in 1834
  • Amena, his wife, died November 17, 1818; age 59
  • Emeline, daughter of Andrew Race, died October 15, 1826; age 5.
  • Rebeckah, Peter, and Eva Race are all buried here, but the stones have no dates.

Indian, Van Guilder and Karner Burial Ground

Located on the knoll in the back of what used to be George F. Bradford’s barns, not Jug End and known to some as the Hollow. Not a grave of the large Van Guilder family can be found, as this burial ground has been obliterated. Edwin Reasoner, who moved to Egremont in 1817, remembered the place quite well and for some years gravestones and mounds were to be seen. In 1954 a power shovel, while getting out fill for the roads, unearthed a skeleton and many scattered bones there.

Mount Everett Cemetery

Directions: Mount Everett Cemetery is located near the center of South Egremont Village on Buttonball Lane next to the library.

This cemetery is privately owned and receives a small endowment from the town for maintenance. It has always been kept in good condition, thanks to the caring people that maintain it.

Members of prominent families buried here are as follows: Col. Joseph Curtis, George Wainwright, Goodales, Hares, Bacons, and Philo Upson, to name a few.

George Wainwright, First Lieutenant in the U.S. Army, a West Point graduate in 1840, died August 8, 1848. He served in the Mexican War, and as a final result his health was so shattered that death ensued at the early age of 28 years.

The body of Philo Upson, father of the late Curtis Upson of Pittsfield, who lost his life by the burning of the steamboat Lexington, here found his final resting place. He was 37 years of age. A marble shaft from his own quarry commemorates his ability and domestic virtues.

The Hollenbecks were among some of the earlier settlers of Mt. Washington and Egremont. They were known to have had bitter feuds with Robert Livingston regarding land titles. Many members of this family are buried here.

The oldest stones researched in this cemetery are as follows:

  • Maj. Joseph Benjamin, Died May 17, 1803, Age 39
  • Col. Joseph Curtis, Died May 16, 1810, Age 53
  • Catherine Austin, Died September 21, 1816, Age 13
  • Capt. Reuben Crippen, Died July 25, 1823, Age 57
  • Ezra Loomis, Jr., Died February 15, 1825, Age 35

Riverside Cemetery

Directions: From the center of the village of North Egremont on Route 71, go past the Elm Court Inn. Just as you go around the curve, this cemetery will be on the right side of Route 71 toward the Green River.

The Riverside Cemetery was so named as it sets on the bank of the Green River that flows by it. The original part of the cemetery antedates the Revolution. Victims of smallpox were buried there as a tradition about the beginning of the Revolutionary War.

George Darby, who is buried here, was a tavern keeper in Alford and also served as a Selectman for Alford.

Prince Down, sometimes spelled Doan, was a member of the Baptist Church. He once resided in the West part of Great Barrington, where a small piece of land was called “Doan Orchard.”

An important grace is that Ebenezer Baldwin, after whom Baldwin Hill is named. He was born in Malden, Massachusetts, and was one of the early settlers. In 1757 Mr. Baldwin went to Boston on business for the proprietors of the Shanenon Purchase, he being of the original owners of the tract of land. He was also known for having set an orchard of 999 apple trees.

The oldest stones we researched are as follows:

  • Azariah Winchell, Died June 6, 1776, Age 36
  • Elizabeth Pier, Died June 11, 1783, Age 43
  • Jacob Race, Died 1785, Age 14
  • Christina Race, Died 1790, Age 17
  • Jacob Spoor, Died 1790
  • Elizabeth Messenger, Died 1792, Age 4
  • Elizabeth Baldwin, Died 1793, Age 78
  • Charles Webb, Died 1798, Age 6
  • William Webb, Died 1798, Age 78
  • Michael Hollenbeck, Died 1798, Age 54
  • Nehemiah Messenger, Died 1798
  • Prince Doan, Died 1799, Age 46

Town House Hill

Directions: Located on Town House Hill Road at the corner of Phillips Road.

This cemetery gets its name from the fact that the first Congregational Church meeting house, in which town meetings were hold, once stood here.

The grave of Captain Robert Joyner, first Captain of the Town of Egremont, died November 11, 1802, at age 77. Captain Joyner took part with the insurgents in the Shay’s Rebellion and lost his eye in the same skirmish.

George Palmatier was a farmer who entered the service at age 19. He was in the Massachusetts 49th Regiment, Company E, in the Civil War.

Jacob Karner, son of Lodowick Karner, is marked with a marble slab. Jacob and Levi Karner were both Revolutionary War veterans.

Many of the Newman family are also buried here.

One of the oldest stones is Tabitha Crippen; born 1759, died 1782 at age 23.

Tullar Cemetery

Directions: Located in South Egremont on the Egremont Sheffield Road on Private Property.

This cemetery is kept in fair condition with a fence around it and a gate. The size of this cemetery is approximately 40 feet wide by 75 feet long.

Mr. John Tullar came from Simsbury, Connecticut. In December 1758, he bought from Isaac Fosberg 320 acres of land. The farm then lay in the Town of Sheffield, but in February 1790 the legislature passed a special law (Special Laws of Massachusetts, Vol. 1, page 264) which annexed Mr. Tullar and all his estate to Egremont.

Mr. Tullar and his wife were members of the Congregational Church. Around 1790 John Tullar Jr. built the old tavern in North Egremont. It is now known as the Em Court Inn.

The oldest stones in this cemetery are as follows:

  • Anna Hubbard, Died March 14, 1773, Age 7
  • Daniel Hubbard, Died January 20, 1779, Age 13
  • Taletha Holmes, December 29, 1782, Age 22
  • Mary Heare, December 14, 1788, Age 33
  • Anna (Karner) Tullar, June 25, 1785, Age 68
  • Catherine Hubbard, January 10, 1796, Age 31
  • Betsey Heare, Janurary 3, 1798, Age 42


Appendix: War Veterans


Riverside Cemetery

North Egremont

Town House Hill Cemetery

South Egremont

Mt. Everett Cemetery  

South Egremont

Tullar Cemtery

South Egremont

American Revolution American Revolution American Revolution AmericanRevolution
Bagley, Josiah Joyner, Capt. Octavias Curtis, Col. Joseph Tullar, Joel
Baldwin, Ebenezer Joyner, Capt. Robert Loomis, Ezra
Darby, George Karner, Jacob Wells, Maj. Calvin
Doun, Prince Karner, Levi War of 1812
Fitch, Ephraim Noble, Ezekiel Karner, Maj. Plynna
Hollenbeck, Michael Parsons, Eli Civil War
Kelsey, James Civil War Decker, Morris
Lewis, Darius Champion, Henry Van Tassell, Henry
Loomis, Ezra Palmatier, George H, Spanish American War
Messenger, Daniel Wainwright, Lieut. George
Messenger, Nehemiah
Webb, William
Civil War
Blunt, Rutson
Beckwith, Alexander
Boice, Jacob
Felder, Leonard
Hughes, Edward
Jenkins, William M.
Scutt, Martin
Van Deusen, Ezra
Spanish American War
Baird, Theodore